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Terms of use

General information

  1. The educational website available at ("Website") is the property of: SuperMemo World sp. z o.o., ul. Grunwaldzka 104, 60-307 Poznań, registered in Poznań, Poland under the KRS number 0000027598.
  2. The Website is made available to Users pursuant to these policies.
  3. The User may obtain access to the Website after reviewing and accepting these policies, including the conditions of the license contained herein.
  4. The license agreement is effective from the time a User account is created. The license agreement specifies that the User can use the Website in accordance with these policies and applicable laws. When creating an account, the User confirms that he or she has read the policies and accepts them in their entirety.
  5. All materials contained on the Website are subject to copyright and are protected by the Polish Copyright Act ("Ustawa o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych").

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Type and scope of services provided

  1. Access to the Website is partially free.
  2. Training on the Website is personalized. This means that the learning process and progress monitoring features are assigned to one person, who is identified by the system by means of a unique User name (User ID). The User chooses his or her User ID when creating a User account by completing a registration form on the Website.
  3. A User account can be used by one person only.
  4. In particular, the User has no right to replicate, modify, distribute, rent, lease, compile, decompile, adapt, or translate the materials provided on the Website or the Website itself.
  5. By creating an account in the system, the User receives a certain amount of disk space on the server, as well as the ability to use all the options available on a given level.
  6. The User can begin learning by subscribing to a course of his or her choice, selected from the course list. The course list, prices, and payment methods are published on the Website on the 'Select courses' tab.
  7. SuperMemo World reserves the right to introduce fees for any course that was previously available free of charge. Subscribed Users of the course will be notified of the change one month in advance by e-mail and/or through a notice on the Website. Failure to pay the course fee will result in the termination of training.
  8. The recommended form of learning is learning through the Web pages at with the following Web browsers:
    • MS Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
  9. SuperMemo World accepts no responsibility for the incorrect operation of lessons sent to the User by e-mail, wherever such malfunction is related to the security settings of the mail client, antivirus software, firewall configuration, or other reasons.
  10. The agreement is terminated and the User’s account (including its contents) is removed in each of the following cases:
    1. A User of free courses has not logged on to his/her account for 100 consecutive days
    2. A User of fee-based courses has not logged on to his/her account for 100 consecutive days and his/her access to paid courses has expired
    3. The User has sent an e-mail to requesting SuperMemo World to stop processing the data provided on the registration form, which means that the User’s account has to be removed
    4. The User is using the account in violation of the policies
    5. The name of the account is commonly considered offensive or inappropriate
  11. Using the services provided on the Website and supplying the information on the registration form is completely voluntary.
  12. By providing the personal information on the registration form, the User:
    1. certifies that it is accurate
    2. agrees that the data will be processed (pursuant to the Polish data protection act – “Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych”) by SuperMemo World for the purposes of promoting (marketing) products and partner companies, and providing the services ordered by the User
  13. The registrant certifies that his/her account name does not infringe on the rights of third parties, and agrees that any disputes in this regard will be resolved by SuperMemo World.
  14. Every User has the right to review his/her data, to modify such data, and to request its removal. To do so, the User must use the modification form at or send a letter to SuperMemo World sp. z o.o., ul. Grunwaldzka 104, 60-307 Poznań, Poland.
  15. A User’s request that the data supplied on the registration form be removed by SuperMemo World renders it technically impossible to provide any further services on the Website, and therefore results in the removal of the User’s account.
  16. The User agrees to use the account in accordance with Polish law, social norms, rules of appropriate conduct, and these policies. Specifically, the User agrees to:
    1. act in a way that does not infringe on the rights of other Users
    2. refrain from actions aimed at disrupting or interfering with the operation of the Website or obtaining the passwords of other Users
    3. refrain from transferring his or her right to use the account to third parties
    4. keep track of changes to the policies published at

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Payment for fee-based courses

  1. The User is not required to purchase fee-based courses in order to use the Website.
  2. The User may take advantage of free-of-charge promotional access to a certain number of initial questions in fee-based courses with no obligations, depending on the conditions of the current promotion. Information on the available promotions can be found on the Website.
  3. Payments for courses may be made using the following methods:
    1. SMS message
    2. credit card
    3. bank transfer
  4. The availability of individual forms of payment may be limited. SMS payments are subject to the availability of services provided by the operator. The conditions of credit card payment are specified in detail on the Web pages of PolCard, the credit card payment processor. The following cards are accepted: PolCard, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club International, JCB. Visa Electron cards may be accepted, depending on the issuing bank.
  5. The service agreement for fee-based access to resources available on the Website comes into force when the User’s payment is posted to SuperMemo World’s bank account.
  6. In special cases, the service agreement for fee-based access to resources becomes effective through the activation of an access code distributed by SuperMemo World or its authorized distributors. Specific regulations for access codes will be supplied with each code.
  7. The access period for a fee-based course depends on the selected option and the amount of payment. Detailed information is provided in the price list.
  8. The access period for a fee-based course begins:
    1. for SMS payments - at the time of entering an activation code next to the selected course on the Website
    2. for credit card payments - immediately after SuperMemo World receives a transaction authorization from the service provider
    3. for bank transfer payments - one business day after the payment is posted to SuperMemo World’s bank account (the User is notified with an e-mail message sent to the address provided at registration)
    4. at the time of activating an access code obtained in a promotion or purchased from our agent
  9. If the User makes another payment, the service provision period will be automatically extended by the length of time corresponding to the fee paid by the User.
  10. In case of some courses it is possible to access the Users’ repetitions for free after the subscription has expired. The description of each course contains information whether free repetitions are provided and which subscription plan gives that advantage.
  11. SuperMemo World reserves the right to introduce fees for access to the repetitions belonging to a course that is not longer available under subscription. The fees may be introduced at any time upon a 30-day notice published on the Website or sent by e-mail.
  12. For courses for which more than 30 days of access have been purchased, the User will receive an e-mail message (assuming that he or she has provided an e-mail address) with an expiration warning 7 days before the end of the paid-for access period. A reminder that access to the course is about to expire will also be displayed on the Website after logon. If the User does not renew his or her access to the fee-based course by the last day of the paid-for period, SuperMemo World will disable access to the course.
  13. SuperMemo World will not be held responsible for problems caused by payment delays resulting from the actions of third parties, i.e. banks, the postal service, or intermediaries.
  14. Termination of this agreement for reasons related to the User prior to the end of the paid-for period will not result in a refund of the fees paid by the User.
  15. Payment of a subscription fee protects the User against rate changes, i.e. any increases or decreases of rates will not apply to the User until the end of the period which he or she has paid for.
  16. Payments made by Users are only for services provided by SuperMemo World and are not meant to cover expenses related to Internet access, hardware or software purchases, or software configuration.

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Refund and complaints policy

  1. Please submit your complaint in writing, using our withdrawal form.
  2. Complaints are investigated within 14 working days as of the date of receipt of the complaint in writing.
  3. The refund of the course purchase price shall be transferred to an indicated account within 10 days as of the date of a positive decision regarding your complaint.

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Final provisions

  1. SuperMemo World sp. z o.o. agrees not to take any actions leading to the infringement on any rights or personal data of the User.
  2. SuperMemo World sp. z o.o. accepts no responsibility for losses resulting from the use of the Website. In particular, SuperMemo World is not responsible for:
    1. the manner in which Users operate the User’s account or any consequences thereof
    2. the consequences of the acquisition of the User’s password by third parties, regardless of the cause (e.g. password provided by the User to a third party, password broken by a third party, etc.)
    3. providing the User’s personal data to entities authorized by applicable laws
    4. illegal access to the User’s computer system perpetrated by third parties, particularly intrusions and computer viruses
    5. problems accessing the system due to the failure of an Internet service provider
  3. SuperMemo World reserves the right to discontinue the services provided on the Website:
    1. at 2 weeks’ notice, through an announcement published on the Website or e-mailed to Users – for Users of free courses available on the Website
    2. following the expiration of the agreement which enables the User to access fee-based courses available on the Website – after notifying the User by e-mail or through an announcement published on the Website
  4. SuperMemo World sp. z o.o. reserves the right to:
    1. periodically shut down the System without prior notice, if the downtime does not exceed 30 minutes
    2. periodically shut down the System with prior notice on the Website due to maintenance work related to System upgrades, hardware upgrades or data backups
    3. disable the User’s account without prior notice if the User has violated these policies
    4. introduce changes to these policies and promptly notify the User of these changes by modifying the Web page at
    5. display advertisements on the Website, including advertisements targeted directly at the User – to all Users of the Website
  5. In the event that the User has engaged in activities which are not prohibited by these policies, but are considered by SuperMemo World to be undesirable, SuperMemo World may notify the User by e-mail and request that such activities be discontinued. Failure to comply with such a request will be treated like a violation of these policies.
  6. The User may close his or her account at any time; in particular, if he or she does not accept the changes to these policies.
  7. Any information about violations of these policies committed by Users of the Website should be sent to
  8. Please send your complaints to or SuperMemo World, ul. Grunwaldzka 104, 60-307 Poznań, Poland.
  9. Complaints will be considered within 14 business days of the receipt of a written report.

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