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Deutsche Redewendungen
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  • Publisher: SuperMemo World sp. z o.o.
  • Author Berthold Haase
  • Pages: 1594
  • Subscribed users 2297
The Deutsche Redewendungen course comprises almost 1,500 German idioms. The idioms are ordered from the most popular to the most surprising. The exercises are based on definitions that lead to correct idioms. The answer mode of the exercise also provides a context sentence for each idiom.
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  • Tairka
    The learned stuff is extremely hard to memorize, as it's usualy the case with the idioms. But there is no other way but to keep on learning them, with exactly the right articles, prepositions and cases, otherwise the set phrase doesn't work and you look silly if you say it incorrectly. I've been doing the course for already a while, and have heard the idioms from the course really used by the German native speakers in the everyday conversations (I currently live in Germany). Although sometimes my friends say that one or another idiom from the course as outdated or rarely used or incorrect, most of the learned content is OK. I would recommend the course for the students who have at least C1 level and want to improve further. If you ar not that advanced, it might be very frustrating to struggle with the course.
  • dariasmiatacz
    nie rozumiem o co chodzi i to jest do bani
  • berthold-haase
    Hallo Tairka, könnten wir vielleicht Kontakt miteinander aufnehmen ? Ich würde gern mehr zu den Erfahrungen mit den Redewendungen wissen ... Dear Tairka, could you please contact me to discuss your experiences with German phrases ... Danke, thanks a lot, Berthold Haase