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Englisch. No problem! – Full set
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  • Publisher: SuperMemo World sp. z o.o.
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Set of 3 English courses, from elementary to advanced level.
(basic, intermediate, advanced)

The course is aimed at German-speaking users who would like to learn English from the very beginning. It is also a great option for those who already know some basics but would like to brush up on their English while continuing learning at higher levels. After mastering the contents of the entire set, from the elementary to the advanced level, its user will be able to easily understand written and spoken English, as well as formulate fluent and spontaneous opinions on any subject. The package Englisch. No problem! contains 36 extensive and thoroughly designed lessons with almost 7 000 grammar and vocabulary exercises and over 3,000 words and expressions to memorise. When learning with the course you can improve all your language skills: writing, speaking and pronunciation, listening, understanding written text, vocabulary and grammar usage. The range of vocabulary and grammar in the course corresponds to the A1-C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Englisch. No problem! in brief:

  • Levels: A1 – C1
  • Lessons: 36
  • Exercises: 7 000
  • Words and expressions: 3 000
  • Recordings by native English speakers
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