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Chinese: Fast Track for Beginners
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Chinese for beginners

Learn chinese online: Chinese Fast Track for Beginners is aimed at English-speaking users who would like to learn Mandarin Chinese at the beginner level.

Course content & essentials

  • 39 units with basic vocabulary and sentences,
  • 1 500 new words and expressions,
  • 3 300 exercises where you develop your Chinese language skills.

The course contains 39 units that introduce elementary vocabulary and sentences based on the SuperMemo method and content authored by New words and structures are presented within a number of basic everyday subjects, e.g. family, shopping, transportation and hobbies. The course comprises 3,300 exercises that allow the user to practice and learn 1,500 new words and expressions both in Chinese characters and pinyin. Each unit contains 4 to 6 lessons that consist in mastering new vocabulary and phrases in a set of tasks based on matching, multiple choice, translating and listening.

Now you can add online conversations to the self-study course


Learn Chinese with a coach from our partner, The coach will supervise your learning process: motivate you to study systematically, explain language problems, monitor your progress and teach through's Webex powered virtual classroom. You learn the online course material on your own, choose the scale of the coaches' involvement in your study and the way how they will be helping. Now you can take first 50 pages of the online course for free and find out how the SuperMemo method works for you to learn Chinese.

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  • herzoke
    The supermemo course, "Chinese: Fast Track for Beginners" is an excxellent complement to the live 1-on-1 series of courses. I first signed up for the quarterly subscription for live 1-on-1 instruction at, giving me 1 hour per day of live instruction with a native speaker. This is very good all by itself... but it is only one hour of practice per day by itself. High quality practice, but still it takes more than one hour per day working with a language to really learn it efficiently. Then I found the supermemo package. The daily speech course I chose closely follows this supermemo course for beginners. This really does allow me to work with Chinese throughout the day as much as I like, and then schedule my one hour of live help per day at my discretion. I also like the fact that I can set supermemo to a pre-determined "forgetting rate", which will generate much-needed reptetitions of previously learned material to ensure such material stays learned. I can also set the amount of new material introduced everyday. All in all, I find the supermemo package to be an outstanding complement to the speakmandarin live 1-on-1 sessions.... I study Mandarin at my computer during the day as much as I have time, and then my instructor can correct pronunciation, introduce new material, or introduce related material... synonyms and antonyms, etc., during my live sessions. The combination beats the hell out of Rosetta Stone... and completed 2½ out of 3 levels of the Totale online program before that subscription expired and I found this gem!
  • Evaliu
    <p>To Comprehend Mandarin is To Find out To comprehend Mandarin is, in the sensation of Progenies complex system analysis, to highly go where no man has gone before. What does Mandarin analysis and Superstar Journey have to do with an Local indian native decent price winner?To understand Mandarin is to be an visitor. Maybe not in the traditional sensation of the term, you will never need a pie hat or a scimitar. I'm <strong><a href="" title="learn mandarin online">learn mandarin online</a></strong> because I believe it's the only way to really learn about China.</p> <p><a href=""><img src="http://www.hanb... width="374" height="232" border="0" longdesc="http://www... /></a></p> <p>You will however need a sensation of encounter.Learn <a href="" title="mandarin online course"><strong>mandarin online course</strong></a> through 1-on-1 Chinese <em>classes</em>! For more information on Chinese providers suppliers on Chinese providers suppliers circumstances, in Mandarin Chinese providers is probably as awesome it is possible to get in the existing day. You could of course to go climbing in the Amazon ?but what aspect is it in that? Getting assaulted by unpleasant traveling insects in the woodlands or getting assaulted by finish keeps on the content is not going to inform you a aspect about way of life. Meeting a new way of life will, and believe in me, there is no way of life in the world more different from the one you create in, than Chinese providers suppliers. To highly go where no man has gone before. This beginning published written text was spoken at the beginning of many Superstar Journey tv times and films, from 1996 and ahead. </p> <p>Learning Mandarin Three Restrictions and How to Get Accepted Them . <a href="" title="mandarin learn online"><strong>mandarin learn online</strong></a> fast and easily with free <em>online</em> courses. Easy and fun way to teach yourself. There are three important limitations to studying Mandarin. I say only three because when you get approval them you can stop studying Mandarin and start studying the terminology by using it. Using a terminology mean...There are three important limitations to studying Mandarin. I say only three because when you get approval them you can stop studying Mandarin and start studying the terminology by using it. Using a terminology indicates talking about it; once you are able to work out it every day in natural options your studying enhancement is both quick and fun. Once you are able to discuss you will take studying from one level to a definitely different level, it will be a problem of just living in Chinese providers suppliers. The first two of these levels are about the sticky that signify every language; the main structure and enunciation, which allow a individual to kind words and explanations. </p> <p>The third of the constraints is personal; you need a certain volume of terminology and terminology to be able to connect in the options that are natural to you. The first barrier you will need to get approval is that of enunciation. Chinese providers enunciation is difficult; instead of being recognized by only syllables, like all Germanic and Latina combination 'languages' are,I'm <strong><a href="" title="learning mandarin">learning mandarin</a></strong> because I believe it's the only way to really learn about China. Chinese providers has an additional aspect to it; colors. The concept is known as colors but it is not about colors like instrument is about colors. </p>
  • Kristianne Bernard
    Hi! I'm interested in an online Chinese course similar to the one from ( ). I'd like a follow up course to my current one. Are your prices negotiable?