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Extreme English: Intermediate
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Extreme English Intermediate

Would you like to start to actively use intermediate English vocabulary as soon as possible? The "Extreme English Intermediate" course is ideal for you! Vocabulary learning is based on the most effective repetition algorithm that is the only one in the world and has been supported with scientific research. This guarantees successful learning of 9,800 words even if so far you have been founding it difficult. All the courses in the "Extreme English New Generation 2011" series have been enriched with new functions that make vocabulary learning even more comfortable and effective.

What does the course include?

Multimedia learner’s dictionary, including:

  • English definitions
  • synonyms
  • examples of use
  • collocations
  • pictures
  • recordings
  • Individual study plan adjusted to your needs
  • With the scheduler, repetition plan and individual learning progress statistics, the “Extreme English” courses are also your individual study plan that allows you to acquire new vocabulary in the most effective way.

  • Thousands of sound recordings by British native speakers
  • Course synchronisation feature
  • You can access your learning account from anywhere in the world with the synchronisation feature for your iPhone or CD/DVD course with your course on the platform. The synchronisation feature is available for everyone who has access to a selected course on at least two platforms. Read more

What makes the SuperMemo method special?

All the courses in the "Extreme English" series belong to a family of products known as the "Intensive Vocabulary Training System" and have been designed with the use of a computer-supported learning method. The SuperMemo programs are often imitated but they are the only ones to apply the optimisation of learning supported with scientific publications and research into its effectiveness. Read more

With the SuperMemo method applied in a language course it is possible to:

  • Organise the learning and repetition process flexibly and optimally
  • Minimise the time necessary for learning
  • Maintain the level of effectiveness of remembering the material of as much as 100%.

Learning effectiveness guaranteed

In spite of being intensive, learning with the "Extreme English" courses is not overloading. With 20 minutes of learning a day, you will be able to notice your progress at developing your scope of vocabulary. Such a result is possible in the application because it can adjust to your individual language skills and time availability in an optimum way.

Are you preparing for a language exam?

With the "Extreme English Intermediate" course you will be able to master vocabulary at the level of international exams that confirm the knowledge of the English language: Preliminary English Test (PET), First Certificate in English (FCE) and Business English Certificate (BEC).


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