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About the company
SuperMemo World

SuperMemo World is an educational company, that introduces state-of-the-art technologies into the learning process. The element that distinguishes us from other e-learning systems is the proprietary spaced repetition method called SuperMemo. The method provides the learner with optimum plan of repetitions while studying. The method aims at allowing the learner to reach his required level of knowledge retention with minimum number of repetitions and minimum time spent on revisions. This technique, awarded on many occasions on international markets, has its fervent supporters all over the world. The revision algorithm is used in the learning software offered by SuperMemo World. It is perfect for learning foreign languages.


On July 5 1991 two students of the Poznan University of Technology are founding the company SuperMemo World. They are young, intelligent and they have a revolutionary idea – computers, that are still a rarity then, should help people learn! Computers should save their time, make learning convenient and most importantly - effective. Krzysztof and Piotr set an objective - finding out a way for EVERYONE to be able to learn any number of dates, definitions, names, surnames, words, or concepts - in short, everything. Shortly the SuperMemo algorithm is created and soon after also the first algorithm-based computer programs designed for learning. Simultaneously, the inventors of the SuperMemo method are of the opinion that their creation is salvation for those who are unsuccessfully trying to master a foreign language.

Ten years later language courses based on the SuperMemo method have won several awards, among them:

Gold Medal of Poznan Fair, Infosystem 1994, Poznan
Choice of 1995 PC World readers,
Product of the Year 1997 awarded by the editors of PC-Courier,
Award Price / Quality PC Format magazine in 2009 years



Today, the company's mission is to provide its software users with convenient and efficient solutions for support in learning, that are based on a unique method of repetition optimising. SuperMemo World keeps pace with the constantly growing mobile technologies and, since 2009, has been transferring its most popular language courses to mobile devices: Windows Mobile, PDA, and soon the Android. This allows the users of mobile devices to take advantage of any seemingly unfavourable circumstance to ground knowledge! If on a tram or in a long queue to the checkout you will see a person who, as if hypnotised, is looking at their smartphone, you most probably have come across a SuperMemoUser. SuperMemo is one of the brands which make Poland known worldwide. The company is actively taking part in all major book and language fairs as well as those oriented towards new technologies: London Book Fair, Frankfurter Buchmesse, BETT, Online Educa. The company cooperates with publishers and distributors all around the world. Currently our products are being customised for foreign markets including Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. On the Polish market we have won a group of reliable partners among companies and institutions with whom we have established permanent cooperation. We are a major partner of in the realm of providing educational content.


The company is facing further challenges - the generations of increasingly mobile people who want to begin using any foreign language in a fast and efficient way. Our constantly growing team of IT and language specialists are preparing new courses and application that implement the SuperMemo method. Our goal and mission is not only responding to the needs of an increasingly dynamic lifestyle, but also promoting the idea of language learning. This mission will successively be carried out by providing tools for efficient learning, so that the adventure with a foreign language or any other area becomes a pleasure.

Dear Users!
Wherever you are, wherever you are going, remember that SuperMemo can be there with you: on your PC, on the iPhone, at the e-learning platform, or on Facebook

In SuperMemo we know that anyone can learn a foreign language and memorise as any amount of information.

Our users’ testimonials

„I found the course to be remarkably simple to use and quite addictive. Te quantity of vocabulary you are able to remember by the SuperMemo method is very impressive. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Tony Robinson, Poland


"I am very happy with the SuperMemo courses I study, especially the course of Polish for English speakers. At the beginning I was skeptical of such a flashcard based approach. Soon, however, I changed my mind. What is unique about SuperMemo is having the whole package: on one side, a full course, with texts, audio, grammar explanations, on the other side flashcards to learn and repeat in a structured way."

Leonardo Poli, Florence, Italy


“My first words – course is absolutely brilliant, funny and attractive course. My daughter (5) got better English pronunciation now than I have. She is obsessed with getting 10 stars in every exercise. The course is just like a cartoon/game, but after couple of months you see great progress. Another advantage is that you can start and stop making exercises at any moment of time which is vital for children once they are tired.”

Andrejs Mlijevskis, Latvia

Media about SuperMemo
Install SuperMemo - SuperMemo among Newsweek’s 31 ways to get smarter in 2012
“If you want to commit something to memory, the best time to recall it is the instant before you forget it. The flashcard program SuperMemo helps you catalog that important new data—and then reminds you to remember it at that perfect moment before it slips away.”

Newsweek, 9-10/01/2012, Sharon Begley

Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm
„SuperMemo is a program that keeps track of discrete bits of information you've learned and want to retain. (…)SuperMemo tracks this so-called forgetting curve and reminds you to rehearse your knowledge when your chance of recalling it has dropped to, say, 90 percent. When you first learn a new vocabulary word, your chance of recalling it will drop quickly. But after SuperMemo reminds you of the word, the rate of forgetting levels out. The program tracks this new decline and waits longer to quiz you the next time”.

Wired Magazine, 16/05/2008, Gary Wolf

"As a whole SuperMemo is currently probably the best learning software on the market.

Hal Pashler, memory researcher at the University of California at San Diego,

„The creators of the SuperMemo method assure us that it allows us to learn more quickly and effectively. Needless to say that no other computer language course offers such an original way of teaching.”

Komputer Świat 05/2011, „SuperMemo UX Extreme English - program do intensywnejnauki angielskiego”, Jacek Grabowski

"I installed the program on the editorial PC and I exercised my brain cells from time to time. The results were, despite my unsystematic learning, sensational.”

PC Format 10/2009, wrzesień 2009, „Płynnie mówić i rozumieć”

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